Changes to the triage guide - translation bugs

Pascal De Vuyst pascal.devuyst at
Sun Jun 1 15:57:31 BST 2008

Hello Susana,

I fully agree that translation bugs shouldn't be closed as invalid and
we should have a better triaging workflow.

Based on my experience I currently triage translations bugs using the
following workflow:
1) Check if the application with the translation bug is in main or
universe on [1], packages in universe have an
indication [universe] behind them.
2a) For applications in main change package to either
language-pack-<lang*>, language-pack-gnome-<lang*> or
language-pack-kde-<lang*> (where <lang*> is the language code and
optional country specific suffix). At doubt between these 3 packages
check on [2] to see which of these packages
contains the applications .mo file. Then I assign the bug to the
ubuntu-l10n-<lang*> team.
2b) Translations bugs for applications in universe should be set to
their respective applications package since we don't have language
packs for universe yet [3]. They should also be forwarded upstream as
described here [4].

Any improvements/suggestions/comments to this workflow are welcome.
We should agree on a workflow for translations bugs and add it to the
Bugs/HowToTriage wiki page [5].
The response for closing translation bugs as invalid should be removed
from the Bugs/Responses wiki page [6].


> As I understand it, there is no meta package that reporters can report
> their translation bugs to and translators can subscribe to without the
> need of bugsquad work. This would decrease work for triagers that
> already have too much work, and would make fixing these issues faster.

We could create a launchpad project for this but I don't think this
will reduce work for triagers since this would still require bug
reporters to know to report bugs to this project. Most reporters
report translations bugs against the respective applications package
or no package at all.

> But if this is not possible, translators could perhaps be encouraged to
> subscribe their relevant language packages (e.g. language-pack-*,
> language-support-*) and when bugs are reported against the application
> itself triagers would subscribe the team or change package.

It is always a good idea to let people/teams subscribe to bug mail of
ubuntu packages or projects of their interest, ubuntu-l10n-<lang*>
teams should subscribe to bug mail of [7].


Kind regards,

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