BSD licence

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Fri Jul 11 08:56:23 BST 2008

Milo Casagrande wrote:
> --- Mar 1/7/08, Matthew East <mdke at> ha scritto:
>> The problem with that is that because of the fact that
>> translations
>> from upstream are generally not imported immediately in
>> Ubuntu, and
>> the solution is often for the translation team to upload
>> the upstream
>> translation in Rosetta. At least I believe that is how the
>> Italian
>> team does things. 
> Yes, we've always done that for speeding up the process.

It's from before my time, but I believe that's why we talk about 
"published" uploads instead of "upstream" ones: it means they come from 
somewhere upstream from where they're being imported, but not 
necessarily from all the way upstream.  So as long as an upload is 
marked as published, Launchpad knows it's not the original source and 
knows not to assume it's BSD-licensed.

The change we're going through now should make it easier for us to 
explain this in the future, without too much legalese.


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