request for updated Ubuntu 8.04.1 release notes translations

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Tue Jul 8 20:37:16 BST 2008

Dear friends,

A number of updates were made to the Ubuntu 8.04 release notes for the
Ubuntu 8.04.1 point release.  Since some of these changes were very
last-minute, there was no time to ask for updated release notes translations
before the point release went out; but we would still like to have updated
translations, so that these can be available for users to access from the
live CD going forward.

Please see for the up-to-date
English version of these release notes.  If you wish to translate these
release notes to your language, please use<languagecode> as the location for
this translation; e.g., for the
existing French translation.

When you have a release notes translation which is ready to be linked from
the main website, please coordinate with Matthew Nuzum
<matthew.nuzum at> (cc:ed).

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