Translating from a language other than English

Efrain Valles efrain at
Mon Jan 7 20:54:16 UTC 2008

Dear all:

Happy New Year... :D

I am Efrain Valles, LoCo team contact for the Venezuelan Team. I am very
interested in the translation of Ubuntu to WayĆ¼naiiki. Currently we have
just managed to set up the plural forms and we are very excited about
the translation.

I have a simple question. Can anyone translate to a specific language
from another language other than English?.

The Ubuntu-ve has many members that speak both languages so it really
means no problem there. We are thinking of getting more people to
participate and one of the things that would definetely help this is
having Spanish as the language of origin.

Now I know what this would represent.

1) a translation that depends on a translation and therefore it may not
be as faithful to the original.

2) It ensures local colaboration, but what about Global Colaboration.

3) Rosetta may not have this feature.

Is there a workaround for this?

FYI: I did some research and I found Lots of "why should launchpad be
translated to a whole bunch of languages". but not about changing a
origin language for a translation in rosetta.

Efrain Valles
Ubuntu-ve LoCo Team Contact
Fingerprint = 0354 6E23 2A85 A408 BBAC  17DB 74AD AFE9 F9C7 378B

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