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2008/8/22 Matthew Revell <matthew.revell at>

> 2008/8/18 Matthew Revell <matthew.revell at>:
> > What information do you think is most important for new translators to
> > know before they get started?
> Thanks everyone for your insightful contributions. I'm pleased to say
> that, with your help, I've written a new page on the help wiki:
> We're planning to link to that from the UI. However, this is just the
> beginning: I'd love your help with:
>  * refining the help wiki document
>  * refining the text in the Translations UI itself
>  * coming up with parts of the Translations UI that require further
> explanation and could benefit from some pop-up help in the UI itself.
> The help wiki document arises from bug number 7
> (, just in
> case you're interested :)
> Thanks again!
> Very nice work indeed. I think you have found a very good way of
incoorporating the information about the intricacies of the
upstream/downstream system (which I think is really important) without it
becoming to dominant.

I few comments, both in the section about "Dealing with unusual characters"

You mention "closing a tag", I think that if coding experience is not a
prerequisute, then both 'tag' and 'closing them' should be breifly
explained. Maybe something like this:

*Formatting:* you may see HTML entities, such as <strong>, used to format
text in a string, these are known as tags. Copy these tags exactly as you
find them and apply them to the relevant part of the text. Most tags exist
as pairs, <bold>like this</bold>, where the tag with the '/' is the closing
tag. It is very important to remember to close the tags in the same way as
in the original string. You may also see other tags, such as XML, and should
treat them the same way.

Furthermore, something like context entities (like "Noun|Load" "Verb|Load",
where everything up to an including the '|' is stripped), might be worth a
mention too. Even though with the support of special contest fields in
gettext, hopefully we will soon be rid of these kind of constructs.

Regards Kenneth Nielsen
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