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Yihui Tang yihuitang at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 09:57:18 BST 2008

Hello folks,

This is Yihui Tang from China. I was playing with Kubuntu 8.04 in the last
few days and was pleased with its high usability and nice looks and feels.
I'd like to contribute to the greatest Linux release that I've ever seen. So
I choose to make a short self-introduction here with the hope of getting
some tasks that you guys think I can manage.

I've been working in the localization industry for 4+ years. My experiences
range from translation/editing, engineering to project management. I can say
I'm an experienced user as to Computer Aided Translation tools and I know
the localization process well. Recently I have been engaged in Machine
Translation and localization workflow automation.

Contact me if I can help.

Yihui Tang
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