kde-guidance-powermanager: power consumption monitor will be added (+ translatable string)

Andreas Wenning awen at awen.dk
Wed Apr 9 21:40:38 BST 2008

Hi all

This is to inform you of a minor change to the U/I that I'm filing for
the guidance-power-manager in Kubuntu. The UI change is an added string
to the pop-up appearing on mouse-over; the UI change is in an
non-interactive part of the program.

You can see a screenshot of the change in this bug:

At the same time I want to inform the translation team of an added
translatable string in tha same package. The string is the "Dischaged"
string visible on the same screenshot mentioned above. All other
possible strings that can be showed there is already marked for
translation, so this has simply been forgotten by upstream.

Andreas Wenning <awen at awen.dk>

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