bug in the Russian KDevelop translation

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at canonical.com
Fri Sep 28 14:06:11 BST 2007

El vie, 28-09-2007 a las 16:18 +0400, Igor escribió:
> 2007/9/24, Evgeniy Ivanov <lolkaantimat at gmail.com>:
>         KDevelop was translated to Russian some years ago (and it's
>         already in other Distros), but in Kubuntu it is still in
>         English (but Russian translation is ok).
>         May you add KDevelop translation to your kde-i18n-ru package? 
> Hi,
> I found that KDevelop translation was not included in Rosetta for
> russian language.
> Please fix it.
> See
> https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+lang/ru/+index?start=0&amp;batch=99999999

Kdevelop is not available for translation in Launchpad because it's a
package from universe. Though, the way we handle translations in
Launchpad/Ubuntu, strips translations off so we are not installing its
translations in Ubuntu/KUbuntu...

I just reported a bug about this problem, please subscribe if you want
to track its status: https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/146289


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> Igor Zubarev
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