"navigation|next" string

Daniel Nylander po at danielnylander.se
Tue Sep 18 16:01:12 BST 2007

mikel paskual skrev:

> in my language appears "navigation|next"-->"nabigazioa|aurrera" in
> gnome-pilot, and it's obviously incorrect (I think it may be some gtk
> defined string?).
> I remember that I fixed this once uppon a time (about a month ago), but
> it's wrong again (because of the recent gnome->launchpad import, I
> suppose).
> I tried to remember where it is, and to find it, but I'm getting a bit mad.
> a simple question: where can I find this "navigation|next"?

Never ever translate anything before the |

I don't think there exist a search function for translations in
Launchpad (which would be helpful) so you will have to manually find it.

I can't seem to find the "navigation|next" string in upstream GNOME.

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