translating gnome-user-docs

Matthew East mdke at
Wed Sep 12 14:53:01 BST 2007


On 12/09/2007, Danilo Šegan <danilo at> wrote:
> Today at 12:36, Matthew East wrote:
> > Hopefully bzr is clever enough to merge any additional
> > changes to po files in upstream svn too.
> Btw, bzr is not clever enough: no VCS is, because PO files are not,
> even if disguised as, plain text files.

Oh, I thought they were.

> Most of metadata changes are done with software like
> intltool/xgettext/xml2po, and translators touch only the translatable
> messages.  Anything else, including different ideas about formatting
> and flags (eg. "#, fuzzy, c-format" is equivalent in a PO file to "#,
> c-format, fuzzy" but not in bzr) and source code references per
> message, is dependent on the tool used to work on the PO file.
> So, don't count on bzr helping you there.

Ok, so I assume that this is going to be harder than I thought. What
would you recommend to ensure (a) that Ubuntu-specific changes can be
translated, and (b) that improved upstream translations can be merged
and incorporated into the tree?

Matthew East
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