translating gnome-user-docs

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Wed Sep 12 11:19:24 BST 2007

On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, Matthew East wrote:

> Working with upstream is not enough in this case - there are
> *ubuntu-specific* changes which we are making to the documentation,

Okay, yes. I'm fine with updating ubuntu-specific changes manually by 
sending updated PO files for eg. gnome2-user-guide via Launchpad. Rosetta 
is okay too - it is not necessary to use it to other stuff besides 
Ubuntu-specific changes if one does not want to. One problem with Rosetta 
during gutsy timeframe is though that it's currently quite loaded and 
adding new big translations there might make it harder to keep 
imports from upstream, translation templates from ubuntu packages and 
syncs to language/doc-packs up-to-date. So I wouldn't recommend it for 

The thing that is needed anyway is to send e-mail to ubuntu-translators. 
So when 2.20 final has been imported to gutsy, I think another 
announcement could be made that "please take the source to 
gnome-user-docs and update the translation + check it with these 

We've a couple of places where Rosetta is not used, like Firefox front 
pages etc., but I don't think it's really necessary for 100% everything to 
be put there if it requires much hacking. There should be enough people 
who are able to commit a few translations in other ways besides WWW 
forms, or otherwise we wouldn't have GNOME/KDE translated at all.

A wiki page about these "exceptions" would be nice, though. I think I saw 
such during dapper timeframe or something.

> As for updating: the +svn in the version number means that all changes
> from the latest upstream svn trunk are merged into the package. 2.18.2
> is simply the latest upstream release.

Ok, thanks. Please do one more sync after 2.20 is released, 6 languages 
have been updated since then.


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