request for release notes translations

Ricardo Pérez López ricpelo at
Mon Oct 22 20:49:56 BST 2007

El sáb, 20-10-2007 a las 10:28 +0200, Daniel Nylander escribió:
> tis 2007-10-16 klockan 02:20 -0700 skrev Steve Langasek:
> > One nice feature of the live CD is that we provide a link to the translated
> > release notes from within the installer.  Of course, this depends on having
> > translated release notes available, which is where you fine folks come in.
> That didn't work very well, did it?
> I booted the Gutsy Desktop CD in English, choose Swedish in Ubiquity,
> and clicked on the "Kommentarer till utgåva" (Release Notes).. and the
> English Release Notes was shown. Bug or feature?

It didn't work for Spanish, neither. I tried to fresh install Ubuntu on
a new computer this afternoon, and Ubiquity links to the English Release
Notes, not the Spanish ones.


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