OEM Install string not used

Daniel Nylander po at danielnylander.se
Tue Oct 9 15:27:31 UTC 2007

mikel paskual skrev:

> I translated this string in the debian-install package, and you yourself
> did so for swedish, isn't it so?
> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/debian-installer/+pots/debian-installer/sv/1484/+translate

That is not the same string. The string I described was in
gfxboot-theme-ubuntu, which Colin have updated now.

Other (but not so important) strings are the new ones in
gnome-screensaver. The screensaver options 'Leave message' and 'Switch
user 'are not translatable, I guess the POT is still in import queue.

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