Missing POT files [was: Re: Glade-3 in packs?]

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 29 07:59:46 GMT 2007

Hi Danilo hi Djihed,

Danilo Šegan [2007-11-28 11:10 +0100]:
> > I meant - Since Launchpad and the language packs can't get the glade-3
> > catalog* - or any other package which can't build them, just roll the
> > translations with the package itself. 
> Yeah, that's doable, but would have to be done on the Ubuntu side of
> things.  I don't know much about it, but I've CCed Martin.

We could do that, but instead of touching the package to include
the upstream translations and break the LP translation workflow, we
can just as easily fix the building of the POT.

In Ubuntu 5.10 we completed that work, all packages in main built a
POT file. However, we have no automatic way of tracking packages which
lack one, since main constantly gets new packages, newer versions
might stop building a POT for some reason, etc.

Danilo, is it possible that LP gives us a list (preferably
automatically generated) of source packages which do not have a POT,
but PO files in their translation tarball? I. e. tarballs which you
cannot import? Then we can work on this list and fix it quickly.



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