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El vie, 09-11-2007 a las 10:52 +0000, Matthew East escribió:
> Hi,


> On 08/11/2007, Matthew Revell <matthew.revell at> wrote:
> > We're sorry for the delay and hope to have the backlog clear in the
> > next few days. To prevent a similar backlog happening again, we plan
> > to restrict the ability to download every translation for an Ubuntu
> > package to Ubuntu developers and admins. This restriction will not
> > affect individual template downloads or non-Ubuntu projects.
> This is unfortunate - there are examples of instances where a person
> who is not an Ubuntu developer needs to download translations for all
> templates. I'm an example - I need the feature to download
> translations for the ubuntu-docs source package.
> Would you reconsider this?

Ubuntu-docs team is considered part of Ubuntu developers in this case.
In fact your team is the perfect example why we decided to leave it open
for some people not only for us. Don't worry about it, you will be able
to keep using it as usual (the same applies to any other packager that
needs to pull translations from Launchpad to update the .deb).


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