Translation of Ubuntu Documentation

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Thu Mar 22 11:10:08 GMT 2007

Carlos Perelló Marín kirjoitti:
> Well, the final upload just did an autoaprove of what Edgy had, you
> still got those translations as suggestions. Anyway, yes, once the split
> was done, the translations should also be split to prevent this kind of
> things.

Yes, translations should be locked in case there will still be some
imports that will overwrite translations, as otherwise there's much of
double-reviewing to be done.

Generally the translations done later on are of more high-quality,
because the existing suggestions from other POTs are already being shown
and it's easier to spot problematic translations when doing the
translations again.

> If you still think this happened, could you point me to a concrete
> message so I can debug this a bit more to see whether it's indeed a bug?

Well, it might be too late as I already quickly went through the
translations to fix any damages. One easy example was this:
The 6th string, "Users and Groups", I know I translated it as "Käyttäjät
ja ryhmät" a few days ago, as there was this existing suggestion with
uppercase "R" (Ryhmät) which I fixed to be lower-case as usual in
Finnish. Now it was overwritten by edgy's "Käyttäjät ja Ryhmät", and
before I now fixed it again, it did not show my previous translation
done a few days ago in the suggestions at all.

There were not too many translations that were overwritten, but I think
I noticed something similar with two or three longer translations, too -
I had to rethink what I had written earlier.

If someone else notices something similar in some other language, please
tell Carlos before fixing those so that he can check it :)


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