Gutsy translations now open!

Daniel Nylander po at
Tue Jun 12 16:48:22 BST 2007

Claude Paroz skrev:

> Thanks Matt for raising this issue. That's exactly been my reaction
> while reading this "good" news.
> I don't know if this is really a good idea, as GNOME didn't even enter
> string freeze...
> Please, team leaders, warn your translators not to touche GNOME (and
> possibly KDE) strings, at least until GNOME 2.20 is out !

GNOME 2.19 will be string frozen the 27th of August (soft freeze 9th of
July). Final release of 2.20.0 will be the 19th of September.

This means: _Co-operate_ with your upstream GNOME translation team!

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