Stuck in the priority loop

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Mon Jun 11 09:07:29 BST 2007

Hi Daniel,

On Thursday at 16:50, Daniel Nylander wrote:

> I do have a serious problem, I'm stuck in the loop here.
> For about a year ago I manually uploaded all upstream translations from
> GNOME to replace all the 'evil things' that some temporary translators
> had caused in the dapper and edgy translations.

That was a very bad thing to do: that way, we lost track of what was
indeed a packaged translation, so we can't revert to that easily.

Indeed, you solved it for yourself temporarily (and I admit, we
haven't been quick to resolve this problem for everybody), but caused
much bigger pain for the future.

If I gave you that advice (I can't remember, but I remember discussing
this), you may freely smack me in the face.

> This action was good (consistent translations with other distributions)
> but it now hitting me back in the face.
> I have done seriously large changes in the GNOME translations but they
> will not be automatically imported because of the import priority
> (Launchpad translations are superceding upstream translations).

Indeed, which is why it was a bad thing to do.

> Questions is: can someone please 'reset' the origin field for all
> Swedish translations? Or do I need to manually upload all GNOME
> translations once again (and face the same issues next time?)

So, are you basically asking us to set any submissions done by you
('translated and reviewed by' ~yeager) and/or Christian Rose with
'published' origin?

I'll have to discuss any of the solutions to this problem with Carlos
and our admins before we take any actions.


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