Stuck in the priority loop

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Mon Jun 11 07:07:20 BST 2007

Hi Timo, Daniel,

On Thursday at 21:03, Timo Jyrinki wrote:

> Daniel Nylander kirjoitti:
>> I have done seriously large changes in the GNOME translations but they
>> will not be automatically imported because of the import priority
>> (Launchpad translations are superceding upstream translations).
> Even on the larger scale, this is a real problem that needs to be
> addressed. Known-good upstream translation should be allowed to be
> somehow override the Launchpad translations, indeed by resetting the
> origin field or something similar.

We are working in a slightly different direction right now: there will
be a nice, easy interface to look at what has been changed in
Launchpad, so it'd be easy to revert.  So, you'll keep ability to
override with Launchpad if you need to.

Also, once you do (re-review) the "upstream" translation (iow, use the
above interface to revert to it), it will stay preferred until you do
another change, *and* it will receive updates from packages/upstream.

The problem which remains to be solved is "locking" of translations,
which should provide nice and easy means for 'administrators' (as
oppposed to regular translators) to lock translations up for further

> Is there any chance the "Published upload" upload option could do this,
> or is the option reserved for some other usage? I haven't noticed any
> difference from "User upload", or documentation on the difference.

"Published upload" is inappropriate for translators themselves.
Otherwise, the difference is that published uploads *won't* overwrite
Launchpad-provided translations, and user uploads *will*.  So,
published means that translations in that upload are overrideable by
Launchpad translators, and they will be automatically updated with
future published uploads.

> For the Finnish language team, we'd have similar needs as Daniel has,
> but for a few of the KDE translations (possibly GNOME too), and also
> Gaim-now-Pidgin that I'm the official translator of.

I think we can work on this step-by-step, trying to get what suits
everybody best: there are teams working on translations directly and
only in Launchpad, and we should still favour their actions (even if I
am more than aware that upstream teams are usually much better

The problem with having a global per-language setting of 'favour
packaged translations' is that this actually depends on the
translation group (and corresponding language team, i.e. "Ubuntu
Translators" group and "Ubuntu Swedish/Finnish translators"), so we'd
have to check group relationships on uploads from packages, and have a
setting per language, per translation group (and our privileges
currently don't allow translators to set that, which is why it's not
simple to implement at the moment).

Anyway, it's worth thinking about for the future.


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