Language packs for feisty

Djihed Afifi djihedlists at
Thu Jan 25 16:46:22 GMT 2007

> >
> > "everything comming from the version we have in Feisty":  does that
> > refer to translations coming from rosetta or from mainstream?
> >
> > I guess my question is, if I commit my translations to Gnome SVN prior
> > to the 2.18 release, will Feisty end up having them?
> Yes, I think even if you do it post 2.18 release. Usually Ubuntu has the
> .1 revision. After that we cannot do anything unless the new version is
> packaged for Ubuntu officially.
> Cheers.

Isn't that limiting a little counter intuitive? I understand that
ubuntu has some specific messages, but having everything up hanging
because of that is weird.

Anyway, how can I, as the Gnome Translation Coordinator for my
language (Arabic) ensure that ubuntu has our latest translations,
which we do outside Rosetta? AFAIC ubuntu translation through rosetta
is pretty much dead for Arabic, and my attempts at coordinating with
the rosetta arabic coordinator and translators have failed, i.e no


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