Failed uploads because of "translation credits" bug

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Fri Dec 7 16:53:34 GMT 2007

Hello all,

A few more Gutsy translation uploads to Launchpad failed because they 
contained translation credit strings.  This is bug 173144: credit 
strings only make sense for translations outside Launchpad, but they 
shouldn't break the import.

Language (code)              Template             Product
Hebrew (he)                  f-spot               f-spot
Hebrew (he)                  gthumb               gthumb
Kurdish (ku)                 kget                 kdenetwork
English (Australia) (en_AU)  kgeography           kdeedu

These translations should not contain translator-credits strings.  They 
would be ignored in any case, since Launchpad lists the contributors to 
the Ubuntu translations automatically.

If you maintain or upload any of these translations, or if you have 
uploaded translations recently that failed without notice, please see 
the bug ticket here:

There you will find more detail on how to detect and work around this 
problem.  Make sure you remove the problematic strings from the 
translation file; do not just set them to the empty string.

A fix for the bug is scheduled to be released on December 19.  If you 
run into any trouble, please reply to this email.

Jeroen Vermeulen
Launchpad Translations team

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