Failed uploads because of "translation credits" bug

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Mon Dec 3 11:45:16 GMT 2007

Hello all,

We've just uncovered a bug in Launchpad Translations 1.1.11 that caused 
a few translation uploads for Ubuntu to fail *without notifying the 
uploader*.  The problem is rare, but please read on to see whether you 
might be affected.

The bug ticket describing the problem is here:

The problem occurs when importing a non-upstream translation that 
provides a translation for a translation credits message.  Such messages 
should be ignored since Launchpad itself keeps track of who has 
contributed, and generates the list automatically.

As far as I can see, the following Ubuntu translations have been 
affected (I've contacted non-Ubuntu uploaders separately):

Language (code)             Template             Product
Catalan          (ca)       gnome-panel-2.0      gnome-panel
Croatian         (hr)       rhythmbox            rhythmbox
English (Canada) (en_CA)    gourmet              Gourmet
English (Canada) (en_CA)    internet             ubuntu-docs
English (Canada) (en_CA)    internet             xubuntu-docs
English (Canada) (en_CA)    serverguide          ubuntu-docs
English (Canada) (en_CA)    switching            xubuntu-docs
English (Canada) (en_CA)    windows              ubuntu-docs
English (Canada) (en_CA)    windows              xubuntu-docs
Hebrew           (he)       rhythmbox            rhythmbox
Indonesian       (id)       xubuntu-docs-index   xubuntu-docs
Italian          (it)       internet             xubuntu-docs
Italian          (it)       keeping-safe         xubuntu-docs
Polish           (pl)       nautilus             nautilus
Spanish          (es)       kivio                koffice

Even if you're not on this list, and even if you got no error emails, 
it's good to check your import queues every now and then to check that 
there were no failures.

Until we can get this bug fixed, the way to avoid this problem is to 
look for any of these message strings in translation files, and remove 
them or comment them out:

   "EMAIL OF TRANSLATORS\nYour emails"
   "NAME OF TRANSLATORS\nYour names"

The fix should be included in the 1.1.12 rollout.  I'm not planning an 
emergency fix, since the problem is rare and the workaround is better 
practice anyway, but I will continue to keep track and to notify 
affected translators.  For Ubuntu translations, those notifications will 
come through this list.

Thank you,

Jeroen Vermeulen
Launchpad Translation team

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