gutsy-tribe4 live-cd translations

mikel paskual mikel.paskual at
Thu Aug 16 02:25:00 BST 2007


I tried gutsy-tribe4, and I have some worries.

in the boot menu, when you press Fx you get help dialogs. Ok. I have to
correct them (there are too many old errors)
in launchpad, where are these strings?

the taskbar strings (applications, places, system) and lost of entries (home
folder, music,...) aren't in my language (basque). This also happened with
the final feisty version: are they going to remain in english?

the help has changed, and I can't find the old texts (music-video-photos,
internet, add
applications,...). I see the titles, but the text is another. Is that new
just provisional? Are the old ones obsolete, and we should translate
the new ones?

all applications remain in english. I
presume that this live-cd is not meant for translators, but it's annoying


that's all for now

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