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so, python will do: (%os)s --> Ubuntu

the problem is that my language is derivative (not prepositional).
I mean, "for Ubuntu" would look like "Ubunturako" or "Ubuntu-rako".

then, could I use "(%os)s-rako"?

other way, I can use "for Ubuntu operating system"-->"Ubuntu

But sometimes I'll have
to keep it as short as I can. So, it would be good to be able to
use  "(%os)s-something"


On 8/11/07, Matthias Urlichs <smurf at> wrote:
> Hi,
> mikel paskual:
> > today I found this "%(os)s" string when translating restricted-drivers
> for
> > gutsy
> That whole string, including the "s" at the end, is interpolated by
> Python.
> The "s" at the end is thus not a plural.
> Instead, it instructs the Python interpreter to get the value for the "os"
> parameter, whatever that is internally, interpret it as a string (that's
> the "s" at the end), and put that into the translation text.
> You should therefore keep the whole "%(os)s" sequence intact, and only
> translate the text around it.
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