is .po import working?

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Wed Aug 8 08:08:14 BST 2007

El mar, 07-08-2007 a las 15:12 +0200, mikel paskual escribió:
> Hi


> 2 days ago, I uploaded some po files (3 files, I
> think), but none of them has
> been imported, and I haven't received any feedback.
> also, yesterday (about 12 hours ago), I uploaded another po file for
> debianinstaller translation (the translation was really buggy). And I
> haven't received any feedback. 
> is the .po import system working ok? how can I check if my uploads are
> in the queue?

The import system is working, yes. Unfortunately, we got three different
versions of to be imported a couple of weeks ago and
thus, the import script has been quite busy.

I hope during this week the import queue goes back to normality so all
pending imports will be handled.

This only affects Gutsy. Dapper, Edgy and Feisty are already back to


> thanks ni advance
> pd: I know the
> address, but I can't find anything there
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