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Milo Casagrande milo_casagrande at
Sun Aug 5 18:05:35 BST 2007

Il giorno dom, 05/08/2007 alle 14.53 +0200, Václav Čermák ha scritto:
> Hi everybody,
> I wanted to work on translating packages descriptions since we have it
> almost completely in English and that's just not good for Czech users
> who have no knowledge of English. But to my surprise I've found out
> that for instance Restricted packages description already got
> translated but the translation is only in Rosetta but not in our
> Synaptic. Somehow it doesn't get back to Ubuntu. 
> Does anybody know reason for this?
> I've reported bug on this topic
> ( in hope that
> solution is near. 

Maybe those strings where translated after the deadline for inclusion in
Ubuntu... they are non-lang-pack. 

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