Spanish translations for Kubuntu-docs Games broken

Rich Johnson nixternal at
Fri Apr 13 00:24:25 BST 2007

Hey there!

I have imported all but one of the translations. The Spanish translations for 
the Kubuntu-docs Games (games.xml) file is badly broken. Pretty much the 
entire KDE Games -> Strategy Games section is mangled badly. Can someone take 
a look at that and tell me if there is something I can do to help fix the 
situation, or can someone fix the situation? I appreciate the help, this is 
an emergency, we are trying to package up the docs right now for final 
release, and I would like to prevent the bug reports for Spanish docs. Thanks 
again everyone and keep on rocking!

Rich Johnson
nixternal at
GPG Key: 0x2E2C0124
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