need help importing translations (merging) from 'upstream'

Tom M letterrip at
Wed Sep 27 20:36:37 BST 2006


the translations in the blender cvs and in rosetta have divereged,
with some areas being better translated in blender cvs (or
uncommitted) and others being better translated in rosetta.

The order of data in the translated files from rosetta and in blender
cvs differ, sometimes significantly.  Is there someone who can assist
me in merging these files?  I can either email them to the appropriate
individual or I can commit them to Blenders CVS and they can be pulled
from there, which ever is more convenient.

A related question - the files translated outside of rosetta tend to
not contain untranslated strings, whereas the export from rosetta
includes all of the untranslated strings in the .po file - my
understanding is that for any untranslated string the default can just
be used and having the untranslated string in the other pos just
increase the po size but doesn't seem to provide any additional
utility.  If that is the case would it be possible to add an option to
exclude untranslated strings from the exported po files (ie the ones
that are made available to download...).


Tom M.

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