Attention: desktop-* files of KDE

Jannick Kuhr jannick.kuhr at
Mon Sep 18 18:34:54 BST 2006


I just saw that the first teams, e.g. "Portuguese (Brazil)", started to 
translate the desktop-* templates.

1. Please wait a liitle bit since the upstream translations are not yet 
imported. These files are already translated by upstream for the most 
languages. Jonathan Riddle told me that the import issues will probably be 
fixed tomorrow.

2. If - after an import of the upstream translations - you translate the 
missing strings, ensure that you don't change/translate the parts before 
the "=". Otherwise your translations will not work. I just saw such errors 
for example in the translation of "Portuguese (Brazil)". Please fix these 
issues, if already happened.

3. Please send your additional translations / corrections to upstream :)

Kind regards,

Jannick Kuhr

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