Call for nominations for the "Localisation / Translation Team Leader"

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Wed Sep 13 01:12:21 BST 2006

Hello Ubuntu translators,

We would like to call for folks to volunteer to be considered as the
coordinator of Ubuntu translation efforts using Rosetta. This person
would keep in touch with translation teams, coordinate with Jordi
Mallach and Carlos Perelló Marín w.r.t. Rosetta developments, and
coordinate with Martin Pitt and Matthias Klose w.r.t. language pack

For a full task overview, please look at

Anyone who wants to apply for this position can add his name to -- if you add your name,
please come to the next scheduled Community Council meeting. This will
be at Sept. 19, 12:00 UTC. Visit to see which time that is in your local timezone 
Dennis K.

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
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