KDE french team about guidance and systemsettings

Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 11 11:45:47 BST 2006

Am Dienstag, den 10.10.2006, 23:02 +0200 schrieb Nicolas Ternisien:
> Hi everybody !
> My name is Nicolas Ternisien, a KDE french translator.
> I've just finished to translate and commit the translation of guidance
> and systemsettings, that didn't respect at all french norms we've set.
> This is real problem for us, because we will never be sure that the
> next Kubuntu release will use the fixes we made some weeks ago. On the
> same way, we're not sure that the weekly l10n updating of Kubuntu will
> take care of our modifications.
> For example, for the systemsettings project, someone from Kubuntu team
> translate it alone, without contact us, and without take care of our
> norms. We had to read again these translation to fix errors one by
> one.
> So, to sum up, KDE french team would like to be sure guidance and
> systemsettings upstream translation will be used, as well as the fixes
> we've commit on upstream.
> Cheers.
> Nicolas

There are plans to improve the upstream/Rosetta conflicts. Currently
Rosetta doesn't provide a sane interface for this.

You should discuss this issue with the French Ubuntu translators.



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