Improving Rosetta's relation with upstream translation teams

Dominik Zablotny doza at
Mon Oct 9 14:54:04 BST 2006

Dnia 09-10-2006, pon o godzinie 15:22 +1300, Matthew Paul Thomas
> Would it help if we renamed "translation team" to "editors" or 
> "supervisors"?
> Does there need to be another team for each language, separate from the 
> editors/supervisors, so that inexperienced volunteers still feel like 
> they're "part of the team"?

(I'm not upstream related, just Ubuntu translator)

IMHO splitting teams is not a good solution. Instead Rosetta (Launchpad)
should support more roles inside a team than member and administrator.
For example calling current members "supervisors" and defining members
as "weak members" without commit rights would be a good start.

I think keeping contributors outside main team could make them feel
depreciated and we should avoid it.

Dominik Zablotny
xmpp:doza at

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