Improving Rosetta's relation with upstream translation teams

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Sun Oct 8 13:48:27 BST 2006

When i read this message i was expecting some change in Rosetta that
would make easier for translation teams to distinguish between
experienced translators and beginners.

"...The way we first designed Rosetta, it had no distinction between
people who wanted to suggest translations for a language, and
experienced translators for a project. This led to large teams of
translators with highly varied skill levels. We have since fixed

But I do not see any fix, and I I missed it please point me to it.

Barring beginners or inexperienced translators from being members of
the translation team is hardly a solution. Especially for languages
that yet to have a well developed computer language which is probably
more than 90% of all languages. Volunteers have to be encouraged and
trained. The present system makes it difficult for translators to
fallow up and discourages new comers.

One of the biggest advantages of Rosetta is for volunteers to come by
and try out on their spare time. This would encourage them to get
involved. But if they are brushed off from membership until they
become prolific translators it would completely put them off. And many
languages do not have that luxury.

I don't know how difficult it is. But the best way to help teams
organize them selves well and insure the quality of translation is to
give Rosetta a feature where administrators can grade translators and
accordingly grant permissions.


On 10/4/06, Jordi Mallach <jordi at> wrote:
> Hello,
> A few weeks ago, some KDE i18n team members wrote a very informative and
> constructive wiki page about the problems the saw with's
> Rosetta web translation portal.
> We have tried to answer these concerns, which apply not only to KDE, but
> also to GNOME and many other Free Software projects that are up for
> translation in Rosetta.
> You can find the document in the Ubuntu Wiki:
> Comments are appreciated, but please take the discussion to rosetta-users@,
> as I'm not subscribed to the KDE list.
> Thanks,
> The Rosetta team
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