Problem with the application khelpcenter

Luca Padrin luca at
Thu Nov 16 19:17:06 GMT 2006

I've noted a problem with the application khelpcenter for Italian users, which 
provides the guides to Kubuntu Edgy.
For Kubuntu users, the khelpcenter shows guides in English, where for example 
the translation of the Kubuntu Desktop Guide is already available in internet 
in the Ubuntu doc pages.

I 've seen that the problem for the Desktop Guide is the link to 
help:/kubuntu/desktopguide where there's the English version.

I ask to fix this bug because I think it isn't a good thing for a newbie 
having all the menus in his own language, but not the guides to his 
system :-)  

Tell me if I have to fill a bug.




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