Bug in Kubuntu Edgy?

Luca Padrin luca at mandarinlogiq.org
Fri Nov 10 18:15:33 GMT 2006

Alle 18:42, venerdì 10 novembre 2006, Milo Casagrande ha scritto:
> Il giorno ven, 10/11/2006 alle 18.32 +0100, Luca Padrin ha scritto:
> >  I've made another check but nothing changes, for example this string is
> > already translated in Italian in KDE upstream and imported regularly in
> > Rosetta, but this menu entry appears untranslated in the system
> > installed.
> >
> > It's  a very strange thing, I'll fill a bug.
> Maybe is related to bug 68014, try to check the timestamp of the
> strings..

Thanks for the reply, I had already thought to the problem of reverting of 
translations in Rosetta, but this is not the case. The history of this string 
is only the import from upstraem in April 2006, but the bug has been reported 
now :-)


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