Ensuring Quality in Ubuntu Translations

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Mon Nov 6 09:34:18 GMT 2006

>Well, I guess small teams would just keep working like the system we
>have right now. Being part of the QA team doesn't mean that you will
>only be able to review, you will be to translate too so it shouldn't be
>a problem, right?

Will QA team also comprise of members from Translation Team?  Those from the
Translators Team itself or someone else? The better solution would be to
have the senior guys in Translation Team to be in QA team as well.

Whose responsibilty would it be to create the QA team? The co-ordinator of
the Translation team? He need to be there in both to take communications

The best solution is to advise Translation Team Co-ordinators to split their
Teams into sub-teams. Each team will do a set of Tramslations and on the
same time administer/ review the translation done by the other Team.

This is what we plan to do! Awaiting feedbacks.


Sri Ramadas,
wiki: wiki.ubuntu.com/sriramadas
IRC: amachu AT freenode, Channel: #ubuntu-tam
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