Reverting "translator-credits"

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Mon Nov 6 00:54:23 GMT 2006

Hi all,

Because of repeated problems we had with messed-up upstream
"translator-credits" (and "translator_credits"), we've reverted it to
the upstream provided translations.

The reasons are multiple, so let me highlight some of them:

 1. Some Ubuntu translators have replaced the credits, which is
    actually wrong and not playing nice
 2. We had numerous problems with translating it, since it's a
    single-line original English string, and is usually translated to
    multi-line string, which Rosetta sometimes caused problems for
    (sometimes even the reason behind 1.)
 3. We have a plan to solve translator credits in a better way, and
    basically disable any "translator-credits" changes by hand.  The
    plan includes allowing only adding-to "translator-credits", and
    doing that automatically using any significant contributors
    through Rosetta (we keep information about all the past
    contributors as well, so as soon as we implement the proper
    solution, your credits will be back).

I know this is going to cause problems for some of you, so we deeply
apologize about it, but it's all part of actually creating a proper
solution to the problem instead.


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