Swedish translations in Ubuntu 6.10

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at gnome.hu
Wed Nov 1 11:51:34 GMT 2006

Daniel Nylander írta:
> Danilo Segan skrev:
>> Hi Daniel,
> Hi Danilo,
>> Other translations should be under
>> /usr/share/locale-langpack/sv/LC_MESSAGES.  Provided you installed
>> the Swedish language pack.
> Well, I mean during installation. There are no langpack directory for 
> Swedish in the "live" environment.. only a few (dpkg,apt etc) in the 
> normal sv/LC_MESSAGES directory.
> Many other languages have populated locale directories.
> Maybe Swedish has been downsized due to the fact that there are only 10 
> million of us?
No, but because the average CDs are only 700M in size, while all the 
languge packs are about the same. This means the installer CD can only 
support the most commmon languages.
Our solution was to make a custom installer CD with proper Hungarian 
support and distributing it via ubuntu.hu.
See also:


Gabor Kelemen

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