Swedish translations in Ubuntu 6.10

Daniel Nylander po at danielnylander.se
Wed Nov 1 09:49:24 GMT 2006

I recently installed Ubuntu 6.10 from CD just to test out the Swedish 

There are a lot of translations missing here.

The only ones I could find was (under /usr/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES):
apt, debconf, dpkg, iso_3166_2, iso_3166, iso_4217, iso_639_3, iso_639, 
libapt-inst1.1, libapt-pkg3.51

Most of the installation steps were translated. When reaching the end of 
the copying files process, there were only English (preparing xxxxx )

Are the missing translation files gone on purpose or is there some 
mistakes involved here? The translations made by me (and others) are 
100% complete.

Ubuntu/Debian/GNOME/GNU Swedish Translation Team

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