want to creat a local arabic support

*~Mustafa~* . vantom__ at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 18:00:13 GMT 2006

1st of all i want to thank all of ubuntu support teams around the world that u have make them avilable and all of them is really a great help for any one who use Ubuntu Linux and thank you for sure
and i want to creat my own support ubuntu site 
it's gonna be in arabic 
with support forum and online chat 
my site is www.ubuntuegy.com
and i'm workin' on it right now and i'm gonna finesh it on the next 2 days
i don't have an irc channel cus here in Egypt we don't use irc thats much so i think it's gonna be useless
the support forum gonna be in Arabic every single word will be in arabic 
and we started to publish Ubuntu in egypt
waitin' for ur answer
Thanx For your time
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