Minimal Translation Required for Formal Support

Daniel Yacob locales at
Thu Jun 15 07:03:57 BST 2006


I'm a member of the newly formed Amharic translations team and am still
learning my way around the Ubuntu sites and support services.  I've
been unable to find answers to the following questions, any pointers
to "getting started" documentation for translators would be appreciated.

1) What packages must be translated to gain offical support by Ubuntu?
   That is, to have given a language available as an option at installation

   a) Is it all packages listed under the Dapper Drake pages at launchpad,
      or some subset?  Which packages?

   b) What percentage of the packages must be translated?

   c) Must anything else be translated that is not under the launchpad
      Dapper Drake section?

2) What non-translation work is required (for minimal support)?  Aside
   from providing Fonts, keyboard, and locale?

3) How are language packs made?

   a) What minimal translation must be made to produce a language pack?

   b) Non-translation work?

4) Does launchpad / Rosseta have any support for project management?
   Such as task asignment?

thank you,


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