Regular language pack updates

Ricardo Pérez López ricpelo at
Fri Jun 9 21:25:43 BST 2006

Hi, Martin:

Great job with the daily langpacks! But I have a problem with it:

I'm using your latest langpacks daily-generated. The
language-pack-gnome-es-base package contains
the /usr/share/locale-langpack/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/
file. However, the gnome-desktop-2.0 template for es_ES locale is EMPTY
in Rosetta, as you can see here:

The above template is intentionally empty, because we use the "es"
locale instead of the "es_ES" locale. However, the
language-pack-gnome-es-base package contains translations that were done
several weeks ago (before we "cleaned" the template, removing all the
translations and letting it empty). It seems that your daily-generated
language-pack-gnome-es-base is out to date.

Are you sure you are using the latest translations from Rosetta? Could
it be a problem in the langpacks generation?



El vie, 09-06-2006 a las 15:33 +0200, Martin Pitt escribió:
> Hello Ubuntu community,
> The integration with our translation platform "Rosetta" has finally
> become mature enough for us to generate language packs automatically.
> In future, we will update the language packs of all stable Ubuntu
> releases on the first Monday of every month. This predictable schedule
> should ease coordination for translators. As a special exception,
> there will be an additional update for the recently released Ubuntu
> 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) on June, 14th, since a lot of last-minute
> updates did not make it into the final release.
> For those of you who can not wait to enjoy newly added translations on
> their desktop, we provide daily language pack updates. Just add one of
> the following apt sources (depending on the Ubuntu release you use) to
> /etc/apt/sources.list to get them:
>   deb ./
>   deb ./
>   deb ./
> Thank you, and enjoy,
> Martin Pitt
> on behalf of the Ubuntu team

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