To all Ubuntu Planets Administrators

Og Maciel og.maciel at
Tue Jan 31 20:20:31 GMT 2006


My name is Og Maciel and together with a small group of Brazilian
Linux enthusiasts, we successfully launched the Brazilian Ubuntu
Planet last November.  The reason why I'm writing this is to ask the
administrators/leaders of the other Ubuntu Planets out there
(apparently, there's a German, French, Italian, amongst other Planets
out there) if they'd be interested in adding a link of all the other
Planets to their own site, so to let other people know how global
Ubuntu's reach has become, maybe even incentive other people who
currently do not have a Planet of their own language to start one... 
We would add a link to every other Ubuntu Planet out there to our site
( and everyone would also add a link
to our site...

Those interested can reply directly to my email or just respond here...


Og B. Maciel

ogmaciel at
ogmaciel at
og.maciel at

GPG Keys: D5CFC202 (en_US) (pt_BR)

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