To all Ubuntu Planets Administrators

Jane Silber jane.silber at
Wed Feb 1 10:39:20 GMT 2006

>>My name is Og Maciel and together with a small group of Brazilian
>>Linux enthusiasts, we successfully launched the Brazilian Ubuntu
>>Planet last November.  The reason why I'm writing this is to ask the
>>administrators/leaders of the other Ubuntu Planets out there
>>(apparently, there's a German, French, Italian, amongst other Planets
>>out there) if they'd be interested in adding a link of all the other
>>Planets to their own site, so to let other people know how global
>>Ubuntu's reach has become, maybe even incentive other people who
>>currently do not have a Planet of their own language to start one... 
>>We would add a link to every other Ubuntu Planet out there to our site
>>( and everyone would also add a link
>>to our site...
We would also like to link to local Planets from 
Please send the links to me too!


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