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Wed Feb 1 14:52:08 GMT 2006

Hi Yann,

First of all, I was completely affected by the enthusiasm of your
words!  I'm not a Linux zealot but am extremelly dedicated to
advocating Linux (not only Ubuntu) and the Open Source ways.  Nothing
would give me more pleasure than to see all Planets acting as one
Solar System!  I have visited some of the Planets and boy!!!  If I
could only speak/understand more languages!!!  I'm sure that if we
could funnel all of the ideas floating around into one main place
(maybe this list? maybe a wiki page?), we could most likely avoid
redundancy and even provide each other with any missing component
(skills, time, advocacy, training) need to achieve a goal!  I'd love
to iniciate a Translation Love Day, where people would join in the
ever going process of translating Ubuntu packages to their native
tongue!  Late last year I sponsored a "Ubuntu Sweepstakes 2005", where
people would sign up to see who could translate more (and earn karma
points) packages before Dec. 25th.  The winner, FRNSantos, would win a
copy of the upcoming book "Beginning Ubuntu".  I have the book
reserved (it will be published this March) and will mail it to him
free of charge to his address in Brazil!  It is very human that people
tend to respond better when their effort is acknowledged, so I have
been successfull so far in keeping the majority of the translators

I better stop my blahbing now before I bore you all to death...  hehehe

You guys can count on me!

Og B. Maciel

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