file upload form enabled again

Matic Žgur mr.zgur at
Sat Dec 16 15:22:42 GMT 2006


I have a problem with uploading translated po files back to Rosetta.
Every time I try to do so, I receive an e-mail, saying that the file
wasn't imported because I didn't get it from Rosetta or I removed the
tag that was put in the files exported from Rosetta.

All the files, that I tried to upload to Rosetta, were taken from
Rosetta, merged with the right translation (using msgmerge), and I also
put the Rosetta tag in each file head manually. Before they were
uploaded back to Rosetta, I even checked them with msgfmt for any
possible error, but everything seemed to be OK.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Matic Žgur

PS: rosetta-users at please CC me as I am not subscribed
to the list.

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