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Fri Aug 4 15:21:20 BST 2006

On fre, 2006-08-04 at 16:13 +0200, Jan Claeys wrote: 
> Op do, 03-08-2006 te 23:13 +0200, schreef Robin Sonefors:
> > When clicking on System -> Help -> System Documentation, and then
> > clicking on Desktop User Guide, I end up at a very good document that
> > isn't translated to swedish yet. Fair enough - let's do that!
> > 
> > So I find out the package that contains the document is called
> > gnome2-user-guide, which is a binary package from the source package
> > gnome2-user-docs. So I go to
> > and what happens? Launchpad tells me it's not translatable. Am I missing something? 
> Try contacting the Swedish GNOME translation team and translate it
> upstream?

I have, and I am. But afaik dapper gets new launchpad translations from
time to time, but if it first have to hit another stable release of
gnome (is there even one?), and then get to dapper some time after that
(if that package is even updated - it's not particulary security
related), it'll take a while. So I thought the rosetta way would get it
faster into Ubuntu. It'd also make the document more visible for

Oh well, I'll just report a bug.
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