New version of DejaVu font -- request for testing

Matthias Klose doko at
Tue Apr 18 09:45:33 BST 2006

[ Sent to devel-announce, hoping to get some additional testers
 from the translators.

Version 2.5 of our default font for the desktop will be released soon.
It addresses some issues with the current version in dapper:

- width of the bullet used for the "display" of the password in
  gdm and gksudo.

- kerning issues with pango 1.12

This version of the font does contain many new glyphs as well (glyphs
(characters) which were missing in DejaVu now and were used from another
font, are now used from the DejaVu font). This is usually not the case
for users of a Latin character set, but testing from users using i.e
greek, coptic, cyrillic, hebrew, chinese, indic, arabic character sets
may be see differences.

We don't know yet, if we should include this new version in dapper.
Please check the new font package and report back problems with this
package available from

current version:

Please add test results (even positive ones) to the bug report

Thanks, Matthias

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