Translating the Firefox Start page

Kelemen Gábor kelemengabor at
Tue Apr 11 19:43:35 BST 2006


Here is a Hungarian translation.
Locale: "hu".

Matthew East írta:
> Hello all,
> We are setting up a mechanism for localising the Ubuntu browser start
> page. For that, we need some translators to get busy and do us a
> translated version.
> Please take a look at the attached index.html, decide amongst yourselves
> who is going to do the translation, and send me the translated version,
> explaining which locale it is for.
> Please try and ensure that I don't get more than one copy for each
> locale, otherwise it will get confusing.
> Sorry not to do this via Rosetta, but html is a bit of a pain to get
> into a pot template. I promise that all other documentation will be in
> Rosetta, soon.
> Matt

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