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Fri Apr 14 14:50:46 BST 2006

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Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hey all!
> As a first measure to improve some of the QA concerns that have been 
> raised (still need to reply to mdke on that), we're trying to come up
>  with ideas abotu what to do with the 
> http://launchpad.net/person/yourlogin/+translations

Small fix. The link seems to be not working,
so I think it should read as follows:


> Right now, the information it contains is quite unusable, and we're 
> looking for ideas on what to stick in it.
> I think it should be possible to have a look at the specific strings
> a user has translated lately, so they can be reviewed in a per-user
> basis easily.

Yes, it's a good idea.
Feature like "Search for <USER> translations." could be useful
even for the particular <USER>.

> What else do you think would be useful, for you, translators, and for
>  you, team leaders?

For translators, I think it could be nice to see
what percent of translations made by particular user have been approved
and what discarded.

Then, particular user may be interested what translations have been
approved in place of those he made.
Case study:
I translated "some_string" to polish language.
After a few days I see, my translation is marked as discarded.
Now, I would like to be able to see translation that has been choosed in
place of mine by clicking e.g. "See replacement" or "See approved string".

Some ideas of general Rosetta features:

What about advanced searching function in Rosetta?
I mean, I'd like to be able to search for some string for particular
application e.g.

Select application: gThumb
Search for string: "About gThumb"

Now, Rosetta displays all strings containing "About gThumb" phrase.

Another feature I'd consider as useful is CVS/SVN/Wiki-like changeset.
I mean, I'd like to be able to see the history of changes
and to see list of changes included in following commits.

This idea is splendidly implemented by Edgewall Trac

And here are detailed features:

1. Example of idea behind the timeline:

2. Example of idea behind the changeset:

So, I see some of Trac's features as very interesting.
Finally, it could be a combination of
Wiki + Rosetta + Version Control System

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